The ALMP programme aspires to prepare leaders who are able to meet the ever-increasing standards of the public and stakeholder expectations. This is to complement the human capital and leadership development initiatives of the public service.
These expectations can only be met with leaders who possess traits and qualities such as flexibility and responsiveness based on the judicious use of their experiences as well as having the vision and knowledge to deliver the very best for their respective organisations and to the public service in general.
Senior executives who assume the highest leadership portfolios in ministries and agencies must be able to demonstrate various leadership capabilities such as being strategic thinkers and catalysts for change in addition to being excellent developers and administrators.

Programme Intent

To tap these qualities, the ALMP programme endeavors to be comprehensive, rigorous and challenging. The programme is driven by two important components:
  • Acquisition of knowledge and skills; and
  • Performance measurement.
As such the Programme’s intent is to construct a profile of leadership competency through the acquisition of knowledge and skills and the application of rigorous performance assessment standard

Specific Outcomes

The course will enable participants to do the following:
  1. engage in an active and supportive learning community;
  2. demonstrate leadership capabilities;
  3. exhibit knowledge and skills in utilising various management and strategic planning tools;
  4. demonstrate awareness and understanding of areas within or beyond the civil service milieu through targeted readings and lectures; and
  5. demonstrate exemplary character and positive values.